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Grilling Tips to Celebrate National Barbecue Month

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Nothing kicks off the summer quite like a barbeque. Especially if you’re celebrating a house warming party for new homes in LaGrange, GA. Here are some tips to bring your barbequing techniques to a whole new level this summer.

Find the right marinade- for the best results, tenderize and marinate your meat the night before you plan to cook them so it can absorb the most flavor.  Marinades can range from oil-based recipes as simple as Italian dressing, to wine-based marinades, and even thicker marinades like steak or barbeque sauces. Depending on your personal tastes, perfect a recipe or shake it up all summer long! Marinades work great for meat entrees, kabobs, or even veggies.

One of the best ways to spice up your burger is to add and knead a few splashes of Worcestershire sauce, soy sauce, and a sprinkle of brown sugar into each hamburger patty. Of course, be sure to season with salt and pepper. This helps enhance the natural flavor of the meat with sweet and savory elements to make anyone crave seconds.

Meat certainly isn’t the only thing that grills well: ears of corn, potatoes, and pineapple have been grilling favorites for decades. For more delicate meat, like fish, be sure to lay down a sheet of aluminum foil to maximize the flakiness of your fish and prevent it from falling between the grates of your grill. You can also envelope veggies and shrimp in aluminum foil, add some butter or a delicious sauce to help steam them, and throw them right onto the barbeque, too.

Season your own woodchips in a barrel with different flavors, such as apple cider or Jack Daniel’s whiskey. Soak your woodchips in a sealed weather barrel for a week and then drain and dry them out for a few days. When grilling, throw a few handfuls of woodchips onto your coals or gas burners, and the smoke will help season your meal. You can even experiment with different flavors!

What is a barbeque without a great porch or patio? Make sure you’re looking at new homes in LaGrange, GA that help you enjoy your home, including the outside! Make sure your  outdoor arrangement is fit to host guests comfortably, and even deck it out with comfortable patio furniture and seating so you can enjoy all of that food you made!

Barbecues are perhaps one of the most compelling and tastiest ways to bring people together during the summer. Wether you want to meet the neighbors after buying one of those new homes in LaGrange, GA, or you want to get together for Memorial day or 4th of July, a barbecue is the perfect excuse to enjoy good company, good weather, and good food. Get grilling!

Ways to Spruce up Your Patio or Deck for Summer

Categories: DIY Tips & Tricks | Posted: May 17, 2011 | Comments Off on Ways to Spruce up Your Patio or Deck for Summer

With Spring in full swing and Summer right around the corner, using your patio is the perfect way to enjoy the weather.

Screened in porches are quickly becoming one of the most popular trends in new homes in Opelika, AL; all the benefits of nice weather, minus the mosquitoes and well, the weather. Many people who have a screened in porch use it like an outdoor living room. Screened in porches can host comfy furniture, mini fridges, ceiling fans,  lamps, and accent tables as long as they can withstand humidity and changes in temperature.

Fire pits and chimneys are a fantastic way to enjoy your patio under the stars. New homes in Opelika, AL offer features like fire pits, which can either be built directly into to your patio or they can be mobile. Some fire pits take artistic measures like an inlayed mosaic design, or ornate brick pattern for a truly unique and beautiful

Stringing weatherproof Christmas lights overhead can help give your deck or patio chic and ambient light at night when entertaining guests or hosting barbeques.  Walkways and gardens can be decorated with solar-powered glass orbs, which offer a beautiful glow for hours after the sun goes down while helping guide guests around your  new homes in Opelika, AL.

Power washing your deck and re-staining it can also give it a fresh and crisp look for the Summer. A belt sander can help make quick work of rough spots, making your deck safer and more visually appealing. Make sure to choose a quality stain that will protect and seal your wood from weathering and termite damage. Sealing your deck can help protect its structural integrity and natural beauty longer.

However you decide to spruce up your deck or patio, make sure you enjoy your Summer to the fullest!

Celebrate the Women in Your Life for Mother’s Day

Categories: Special Occasions, Uncategorized | Posted: May 5, 2011 | Comments Off on Celebrate the Women in Your Life for Mother’s Day

Breakfast in bed and flowers, and jewelry are certainly nice, but they can be overdone.  Of course, all Moms are unique, so there’s no one prescribed way to show her how much you care.

1)       Don’t make her work– give your Mom a rest and take care of her on Mother’s Day. Cook for her. Take over her chores. Give her the opportunity to relax.

2)       Have plans in mind for activities you and the Mother in your life can do together. This gives you the opportunity to spend quality time with that special woman in your life, do something she enjoys, and forge memories together.  Take special note of the things your Mom likes to do. If she loves to garden, pick up some seedlings you can plant together, or perhaps a bird bath and wind chimes to create the right outdoor ambiance planned out by new home builders in LaGrange, GA.  If your Mom loves wine tastings, take her out to a local winery for the afternoon.  Plan a picnic and take your Mom out for a paddleboat ride. If your Mom simply wants to relax, a trip to the spa or even bath salts and other products can help her unwind.

3)       If there are any projects around the house that have been left undone, Mother’s Day is the perfect time to finish them. Finish fixing that leak or patch that crack in the wall with the help of new home builders in LaGrange, GA. Showing your Mom thoughtfulness and resolve that affects her daily well-being and peace of mind can mean a lot more than a gift of earrings and chocolate.

4)       Mother’s Day doesn’t have to break the bank- thoughtful gifts count. If the special woman in your life can tell you put a lot of thought and effort into something, chances are it will be more meaningful throughout the years. With help from an adult, make your Mom a sun catcher or a mosaic using river-smoothed stones or tumbled glass.

5)       If you’re not sure what to get your Mom for Mother’s Day, ask her. While there are some Moms who appreciate the element of surprise, chances are your Mom has had her eye on something for a while. If you can’t subtly coax it out of her, ask. If you can’t afford it yourself, get her a gift card she can use towards something she really wants. If your Mom has been looking to move into a nicer home, talk to a new home builders in LaGrange, GA about options and floor plans best suited to her tastes. This is almost always appreciated over getting her “fluff” presents she may not really want or need.