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Holiday Travel Tips

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Ease the stress of holiday travel this year by making a list and checking it twice! While you’re at it why not make a list of all the things you’re looking for in homes for sale in LaGrange, GA. DanRic Homes will make checking off that list easy with their attractive, affordable homes built with the latest amenities and modern features. Here are tips to ease your Holiday Travel and for that other list, come take a tour!

Be Flexible It is a luxury to have flexibility this time of year but traveling one or two days off from your plan may save you a bundle and reduce the crowd you’ll be fighting for elbow space. If you can travel during “dead weeks” in between the holidays when prices are significantly lower, you can save time as well as money by savoring a turkey dinner and opening gifts all at once!

Consider Smaller Airports The payoff is likely to be much greater than the extra distance the airport may be from your final destination. Smaller airports generally see fewer delays and fewer people which means less competition when it comes to parking, rental vehicles, nearby hotels and traffic getting in and out.

Book Early Flights, accommodations, and rental cars will sell out quickly in the holiday season. Reserve yours well in advance for the best selection!

Ship Gifts Allow plenty of time for arrival since the holidays can be hectic for delivery services too. If you do not send your gifts ahead, pack collapsible bags to wrap in once you arrive. Nicely packaged gifts will not travel well by air and the bright colors & bows seen through the windows of your car could be bait for holiday mischief.

The Extras Be sure you’re traveling with a car charger for your phone, snacks and extra batteries for the portable DVD player or game system. Don’t forget to take your photos of the homes for sale in LaGrange, GA you’ve been touring. Your family and friends will love being a part of your search for a new home!

Think Ahead Be prepared for inclement weather if you’re traveling by car. Take your car in for a tune-up, store jumper cables and blankets in your trunk and don’t remove the spare tire to make room for luggage. If you’re traveling by air, check the TSA luggage restrictions, check-in online or early, allow for extra time in traveling to and from the airport as well as making it through security check points.

Secure Your Home There are ready-to-move-in homes for sale in LaGrange, GA but let’s not leave yours looking vacant! Leave your home with that lived-in look by leaving on a light or two and having a neighbor collect your mail. You may not want to broadcast on your answering machine or facebook wall that you’ll be out of town for a few days.

Pass the Potatoes Whether you’re going home for the holidays or taking a merry vacation, be sure to include this in your list and enjoy spending time with those you love!

Fun Thanksgiving Decorating Tips

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Thanksgiving is here! What a better time of year to gather friends and family around the table and celebrate with a feast. Settle your family into one of the new homes in LaGrange, GA in time for the Holidays and use these fun decorating ideas to impress your guest at dinner.


On the Table

For a rustic look, cluster berry branches and wooden twigs in a serving pitcher. Surround the pitcher with crabapples and tea lights for a warm, inviting center piece.

Spice up your place settings by using twine or ribbon to tie a sprig of sage, rosemary, or thyme around your napkin. Attach a simple hand-written note such as grateful, thankful, or family.

Gather your mismatched votive holders and glass jars then wrap with standing cinnamon sticks, leaves, or colored tissue paper and tie with twine or raffia. Insert a candle and enjoy the warm glow when clustered together.

Invite guest to snack on your center piece when you roll out a simple burlap runner covered with sliced bread loaves, bowls of mixed nuts, mounds of grapes, stalks of asparagus, fresh snap peas, and organic carrots with the leafy top attached.

Fill assorted glass vases with fresh cranberries or kumquats on the branch then add water. Clustered with votive candles, this will add a touch of natural elegance to any setting.

Take advantage of the seasonal gourds and transform them into something to talk about. Choose one of DanRic Homesnew homes in LaGrange, GA to call your own, then try these easy decorating tips to bring the harvest home!

Gourds Galore

Stack gourds in glass vases of varying heights and sizes and add to your mantle or book shelf. Add a length of silk pumpkin vine for an extra touch!

Pull out the cake plates, serving platters, bowls and pedestals and pile high the pumpkins, gourds and squash. The deep hues and bright colors will bring life to any table.

Cut the tops of miniature pumpkins and hollow out just enough to hold a tea light candle. Line them up on a tray surrounded by nuts or dry lentils or set them atop candlesticks for a harvest display.

White pumpkins can double as vases, just hollow them out and hide your glass vase inside filled with cattails and fall blossoms such as mums or sunflowers.

Create an elegant thanksgiving display by spray painting assorted gourds with a shimmering gold or silver. Place them a on a cake plate or inside a wooden bowl for a striking centerpiece.

If you haven’t had a chance to tour new homes in LaGrange, GA, we invite you to visit DanRic Homes. View the new homes we have available now in LaGrange, GA and call us toll free, 1-800-741-2512, to schedule a showing!

Chic Dining Room Designs and Styles

Categories: Auburn AL, DanRic News, Design Tips, Design Trends, DIY Tips & Tricks, Opelika AL | Posted: November 7, 2011 | Comments Off on Chic Dining Room Designs and Styles

Forget the days of your dining room being a space holder in your house. If you only use this space for occasional dinner guests or wrapping Christmas gifts, it’s time for transformation! Better yet, pack away that old dining room all together and unwrap your new style in one of Danric Homeshouses for sale in LaGrange, GA.

To create a chic dining room in your home consider updates and customization in four main categories; Walls, Lighting, Seating, and Décor. Here are a few tips on getting started:

Walls: You don’t have to paint your entire room, add a custom stencil in the middle of one wall, your ceiling or inside a frame. Use leftover paint from another room to add a horizontal stripe or an accent wall. If you are moving in one of our new houses for sale in LaGrange, GA, choose your paint colors in our Design Studio. Believe it or not, wallpaper is trendy again! Find wallpaper that reflects your personal style with damask print or unique graphics.

Lighting: This can be a one-step way to dramatically change the style in your room. Placing an eye-catching chandelier, adding modern, industrial style fixtures or simply attaching ribbon to an existing drum shade can transform your dining room from stagnant to stylish overnight! Consider this while touring houses for sale in LaGrange, GA. Newer homes may have the updated look you’re after without any additional work needed!

Seating: Here’s your chance to recreate the ambiance of your favorite café or classy bistro…and it doesn’t have to be expensive! Bring in that color or print you’ve been admiring with fabric by adding slip covers, accent pillows, or recovering seat cushions. Your chairs do not even need to match; paint mix and match seating with the same color, add a bench, or wingback chair. Eclectic, cozy seating can create a room you can’t wait to dine in!

Décor: The trend now ranges from larger-than-life to sleek and trim. That being said, you’ve got room to play! Try oversized prints, frames, and mirrors with sleeker center pieces like tea lights, votives, or miniature glass vases with single-stem flowers.  This is also a great opportunity to display things you love like your dishes, a treasured collection or original artwork. Display them in odd numbers like 3, 5, or 7. Turn empty shelves, bare buffets or vast wall space into the center of attention.

Maybe you are looking at houses for sale in LaGrange, GA or perhaps you are just staring into your own abandoned dining room. Either way, the tips above will help you create the perfect, chic room you’ll return to time and again. Come visit our homes and see what new design features Danric Homes has to offer.

An Open Letter from our President to the Residents of Troup County

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Dear Friends of Troup County,

I am writing to ask your support of a very important vote on Nov. 8. There has been so much misinformation in local media, that I hope you will all take the time to learn the facts. I have listed some of them here:

· This vote is a continuation of the existing one penny sales tax SPLOST (government) and one penny E-SPLOST (education).

· This is NOT a new tax or increase in existing taxes.

· Growth in population and industrial base has created strong economic impact and has also created need for new and/or enhanced infrastructure

· Every dollar is accounted for and remains in Troup County

· Approximately 33% of tax will be paid by people outside Troup County

· $39 million in school projects will create construction jobs for Troup County residents

· Multiple projects will garner additional matching state and federal funds

· Hamilton Road improvements are top priority

· Ensures much-needed projects can be completed and strong positive momentum will continue

· Generates equivalent of 5-6 mils of annual property tax savings for Troup County Board of Education

According to the Encyclopedia of Business, the average American family spends $8800 a year in discretionary income (the items most likely to be taxed by SPLOST). For a family of four, this amounts to $3.66 per person per month in SPLOST taxes. This is a very small price to pay for the quality of life that we enjoy in Troup County.

Past SPLOST elections have allowed us to build new schools, pave 270 miles of roads, build new recreation facilities that generate $10-$15 million in economic impact every year, and many more infrastructure improvements. The current SPLOST and ESPLOST elections will continue to improve our quality of life here in Troup County and more importantly the quality of education in our schools thru recreational, technological initiatives.

You can visit www.trouptogether.org to learn more about the projects that will utilize the monies generated.

You can go to the courthouse and vote early TODAY. Otherwise, you can vote at your local precinct on Nov. 8.

Thank you very much for your consideration and time.

Warm Regards,

Darby Pippin
President, DanRic Homes