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Hot Holiday Gifts for the Last Minute Shopper

Categories: Auburn AL, Holidays, LaGrange GA, Special Occasions, Things to Do | Posted: December 26, 2011 | Comments Off on Hot Holiday Gifts for the Last Minute Shopper

Maybe you planned on shopping last minute because you enjoy the rush and excitement or perhaps you’re like the rest of us and haven’t found time in your busy holiday schedule to make your list and check it twice. Either way, here are few hot holiday gifts for the last minute shopper.

According to PriceGrabber’s survey, a notable percentage of shoppers are turning to daily deal sites such sites as Groupon and LivingSocial for great last-minute prices. These sites make it easy to buy specific gifts for your friends and family no matter where they live since you can shop by city. This is a perfect chance to finish your shopping from the comfort of your new home in LaGrange, GA.

Books and video games are always hot items for the youth and young adults on your list. You may have to visit a few stores before you find what you’re looking for in stock or Amazon.com can help you locate the best prices! This year’s hot selling video games are “Modern Warfare 3” and “Elder Scrolls 5 Skyrim”. The latest craze in literature is “The Hunger Games” a three part series by Suzanne Collins which recently debuted as a major motion picture.

A couple of hot toys for toddlers include the ‘Sesame Street Let’s Rock! Elmo’ and ‘Playskool’s Poppin’ Park Elefun’ Busy Ball Popper’. Both of these toys have made the hot list but seem to be stocked (for now) in stores. Take your chances on finding these toys and count on an excited kid unwrapping the fun.

Gift Certificates are a no-fail and perfect for the last minute shopper. They are available at most grocery stores and drug stores for a variety of places. Several retailers even offer eGift cards. Just purchase them from your PC or mobile phone and within minutes recipients have it in their inbox. This is the ideal gift for those surprise holiday guest that visit your new home in LaGrange, GA! Retailers include places like Gap, Best Buy, Chili’s Bar and Grill, The Home Depot, Pottery Barn, Williams-Sonoma, Regal Cinema and Starbucks. Check online with your favorite retailers.

EBook readers are incredibly hot this year and make a great gift for any gender and almost any age group. You can buy them online or in stores. There are so many to choose from, more than likely you will find one you like in stock! Prices range from more than $200 dollars to below $100.

DanRic Homes hopes your family has a wonderful holiday and enjoys spending time together in your new home in LaGrange, GA. If you haven’t had a chance to choose your new home yet, visit us online to view our neighborhoods and use our easy search feature to narrow down your selection to the home perfect for your family.

Easy Tips for Prepping your Guest Rooms for Holiday Guests

Categories: Financing, Holidays, LaGrange GA, Special Occasions, Things to Do | Posted: December 19, 2011 | Comments Off on Easy Tips for Prepping your Guest Rooms for Holiday Guests

Whether or not your Holiday Guests have visited your new home in Opelika, AL before, this is a season to remember; make their stay the same! When preparing for your overnight guests imagine the comfort of home meeting the magic of a winter retreat. When they see you’ve put thought into their stay, they will feel welcomed and relaxed.

An entry greeting will set the mood for your guests.

  • If you have coat hooks or cubbies at your entrance, empty one just for your guest; they’ll know right away it was no trouble making room for them!
  • Add a photo of you and your guest to your regular display. It will spark memories and even conversation.
  • Use an empty frame and dry erase marker to write an endearing greeting on the glass such as “we’ve missed you, Aunt Charlotte”.

Make their room a retreat.

  • Crisp, clean sheets should be on the beds but if additional space is needed for sleeping guest such as air mattresses or fold out sofas, be sure those linens are prepared, folded and set aside as well. The less fuss they see you make over them the more relaxed they’ll feel.
  • Dock your ipod in the room with play lists set for holiday tunes and relaxing sounds.
  • Place a reading light or small lamp close to the bedside in the guest room of your new home in Opelika, AL along with empty outlets (perhaps a power strip) so they can easily charge their devices.
  • Leave a basket on the bed filled with water bottles and snacks they may want to munch on during the night or early in the morning.

Turn your bath into a spa.

  • Set out the towels and be sure there is plenty for everyone. If they’re staying more than one night, offer to launder them.
  • Provide a tray of fresh soap and toiletries. They’ve probably brought their own but just in case, you’ll be prepared and they won’t be embarrassed they forgot. Luxury lotion and bubble bath is a plus!
  • Add a touch of holiday décor; a candle, small topiary tree or vase filled with ornaments.

Plan ahead! Do not wait until the night before they arrive.

  • Plan meals ahead so your guests know you have plenty of food and you’re prepared to cook for them. If you’re eating out, make reservations in advance.
  • Childproof your new home in Opelika, AL ahead of time by placing breakables or dangerous items out of reach. This will make parents more comfortable and feel like less of a nuisance.
  • Have a basket of tiny wrapped gifts such as chocolates or card games that you can give your guests throughout their stay just for fun!

Easy Holiday Party Tips and Ideas

Categories: Auburn AL, DanRic News, Design Tips, Holidays, Special Occasions, Things to Do | Posted: December 13, 2011 | Comments Off on Easy Holiday Party Tips and Ideas

What a better way to show off your new home in Auburn, AL than by hosting a holiday party? Don’t worry, no need to spend the rest of your furniture budget on caviar and champagne. Your friends will come because they want to see your new place and they’ll be impressed because of the thought you put into your gathering, not the money.

Here are a few ideas to jazz up the ordinary and help make an impression without spending a fortune:

Fill glass votives with a dollop of dip and place in a couple of carrot sticks, cucumber or zucchini slices on the rim (like lemon) and you’ve got cocktail veggies! If you don’t have enough glass votives, consider juice glasses or even the clear plastic ones.

Use martini glasses for green salads, fruit, soup or even loaded mashed potatoes. It’s simple to carry around, easily holds your spoon or fork and just feels elegant!

If you’re providing drinks, look for a festive cocktail or punch recipe to feature rather than endless options. It will stretch your beverage budget but still offer the spirit you’re looking for to celebrate in your new home in Auburn, AL.

Buying paper and plastic often add to the cost of your party, all the while cheapening the atmosphere. Don’t worry about matching dinnerware; pull out everything you have and mix and match. You can even ask a close friend to bring extra plates or glasses if you’re a few short. This works especially great if you’re keeping with passed hors d’oeuvres or a buffet style.

Maybe you’re still looking for a festive holiday theme or creative way to celebrate with friends in your new home in Auburn, AL? Choose from these theme ideas and your friends will be talking about your get-together well into the New Year:

Pinterest Party – Every guest brings the materials or ingredients for an idea they’ve found on Pinterest and you spend the evening creating them together. From cocktails to crafts & desserts, if you have an assortment there’s no way this party won’t be great.

Rockin’ around the Christmas Tree Party – everyone comes dressed as a rock star and karaoke can only make this party better!

Tacky Christmas Sweater Party – wear the tackiest Christmas sweater you can find complete with accessories, elf shoes and definitely a group photo.

Just remember, your friends will enjoy spending time together to celebrate the season. Whether you go all out or stick with wine and cheese, opening your new home in Auburn, AL to host friends and family will be a memory you’ll have forever!

Holiday Travel Tips

Categories: Auburn AL, Design Tips, Holidays, LaGrange GA, Special Occasions | Posted: November 27, 2011 | Comments Off on Holiday Travel Tips

Ease the stress of holiday travel this year by making a list and checking it twice! While you’re at it why not make a list of all the things you’re looking for in homes for sale in LaGrange, GA. DanRic Homes will make checking off that list easy with their attractive, affordable homes built with the latest amenities and modern features. Here are tips to ease your Holiday Travel and for that other list, come take a tour!

Be Flexible It is a luxury to have flexibility this time of year but traveling one or two days off from your plan may save you a bundle and reduce the crowd you’ll be fighting for elbow space. If you can travel during “dead weeks” in between the holidays when prices are significantly lower, you can save time as well as money by savoring a turkey dinner and opening gifts all at once!

Consider Smaller Airports The payoff is likely to be much greater than the extra distance the airport may be from your final destination. Smaller airports generally see fewer delays and fewer people which means less competition when it comes to parking, rental vehicles, nearby hotels and traffic getting in and out.

Book Early Flights, accommodations, and rental cars will sell out quickly in the holiday season. Reserve yours well in advance for the best selection!

Ship Gifts Allow plenty of time for arrival since the holidays can be hectic for delivery services too. If you do not send your gifts ahead, pack collapsible bags to wrap in once you arrive. Nicely packaged gifts will not travel well by air and the bright colors & bows seen through the windows of your car could be bait for holiday mischief.

The Extras Be sure you’re traveling with a car charger for your phone, snacks and extra batteries for the portable DVD player or game system. Don’t forget to take your photos of the homes for sale in LaGrange, GA you’ve been touring. Your family and friends will love being a part of your search for a new home!

Think Ahead Be prepared for inclement weather if you’re traveling by car. Take your car in for a tune-up, store jumper cables and blankets in your trunk and don’t remove the spare tire to make room for luggage. If you’re traveling by air, check the TSA luggage restrictions, check-in online or early, allow for extra time in traveling to and from the airport as well as making it through security check points.

Secure Your Home There are ready-to-move-in homes for sale in LaGrange, GA but let’s not leave yours looking vacant! Leave your home with that lived-in look by leaving on a light or two and having a neighbor collect your mail. You may not want to broadcast on your answering machine or facebook wall that you’ll be out of town for a few days.

Pass the Potatoes Whether you’re going home for the holidays or taking a merry vacation, be sure to include this in your list and enjoy spending time with those you love!

Decorate for Halloween

Categories: Auburn AL, Community Events, Holidays, Montgomery AL, Opelika AL, Special Occasions | Posted: October 24, 2011 | Comments Off on Decorate for Halloween

Fall is easily one of the coziest seasons of the year. The air is crisp, and so are the leaves. With Halloween approaching, celebrating autumn has never been easier. Here are some fantastic ways to make your LaGrange GA homes for sale frightfully spooky this Halloween!

Take an afternoon and pick out a few squash, dried Indian corn, and pumpkins. Squash make a fantastic table centerpiece, and Indian corn can help fall. When you go to pick up pumpkins, find a variety of sizes and colors. Instead of carving your pumpkins, you can paint them instead. Especially if you picked up some white pumpkins, you can paint faces on them to make them look simply ghostly.

When carving pumpkins, try to make yourself a paper stencil or template first and trace it onto your pumpkin. This way, when you’re cutting with a blade or exacto knife, you know exactly where you’ll be cutting. Be sure to mark which areas should be cut out and which must remain intact for very detailed designs.

Seasonal throw pillows are also an easy way to dress up your LaGrange GA homes for sale for Halloween. Buy or make yourself some felt pillows. Then, cut out some bats or other spooky designs and sew or glue them onto the pillows. If you want, you could instead glue Velcro on the backs of your designs and change them out for each season so you always have the perfect decorations out for each season!

Fall wreaths or garlands are also incredibly easy ways to spruce up your home for the season! Pick out felt in your favorite fall colors. Beautiful golden yellows, reds, and oranges, and cut them into different leaf shapes. Using twine and hay, you can weave yourself a colorful wreath or garland and then glue the “stems” of your leaves into the mix for a beautiful autumn spread. With protective spray, you can weatherproof the wreaths for outside use if you choose to hang them outside of your LaGrange GA homes for sale.

Pumpkin flesh can also be etched to give your pumpkin a luminescent look when it comes time to light a candle inside. As long as your pumpkin is properly vented to give the flame enough air and the flame isn’t burning the inside of the pumpkin, you can make pumpkin luminaries as well as jackolanterns.

Easy Ways to Celebrate Flag Day

Categories: Holidays, Special Occasions | Posted: June 7, 2011 | Comments Off on Easy Ways to Celebrate Flag Day

Sadly, unless you live in Pennsylvania, where Flag Day is an official holiday, you probably won’t have the day off. However, Summer is just the right time to get reacquainted with the outdoors and fully appreciate the full capacity of your  homes for sale Montgomery, AL. Regardless of what you like to do for fun, we’ve got some tips that can help you enjoy yourself this Flag Day!

A dependable barbeque can revamp your meals and social gatherings into fun in the sun anytime you have company. Grill anything from burgers, chicken, and steaks to sea food and vegetables. Pineapple is a marvelous fruit that tastes even better with a few grill marks in it. Get imaginative and try as many recipes as you can think of- the possibilities are infinite!

If the town around your homes for sale Montgomery, AL is having a Flag Day festival, make sure to make it out and partake in the parade and festivities! If you and your family are setting off fireworks or sparklers, make sure to take proper safety precautions while having fun!

Of course, posting an American flag would be an ideal start! If you haven’t decorated your homes for sale Montgomery, AL, be sure to post a flag pole by your front door or garage. An American flag houses hundreds of years of tradition and must be treated with respect. The flag should not be left out in the rain and it should never touch the ground. When not in use, be sure to fold your flag properly and put it in a safe place. In the meantime, show your stripes and stars!