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Tips to Begin the Search for Your New Home

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If you’re here, you are already ahead of the game in beginning your search for new homes for sale in LaGrange, GA! Beginning your search online with DanRic Homes will help you discover what you’re looking for, narrow down your choices, schedule tours and be standing at the threshold of your dream home in no time. Here are a few tips to help you get started.

Know what you need. Make a list of the features you want in your new home. This may include everything from number of bedrooms and bathrooms to hardwood floors and granite countertops. Just be sure to separate your needs from your wants. This will help you be realistic and remain open-minded when comparing your choices and touring homes for sale in LaGrange, GA.

Consider your investment. Take a moment before you dive-in to get your finances in order. Meet with a mortgage professional to review what you are comfortable with investing and get pre-qualified. They can recommend loan programs you may not be aware of or even offer suggestions to help improve your credit score while you’re searching for your new home.

Use search tools. DanRic Homes can send you information about homes that suit your specific needs when you complete their online request. There are also multiple mobile applications you can use while you’re on the go to find available homes or directions. While touring homes for sale in LaGrange, GA you can even locate restaurants, shopping centers, schools, and entertainment near you with apps like AroundMe!

Here’s one final tip as you begin your search; studies actually show that your memory improves after consuming carbs versus slowing down when consuming sugar. So enjoy some pasta and avoid dessert before heading out to tour homes and you’ll be sure to remember the beautiful features and amenities of each home you see!

DanRic Homes is excited you’re beginning your search here. You can easily search our website to view neighborhoods, maps, photos, and floor plans then bookmark your favorites. We’re positive you will find what you’re looking for among our choices of affordable, craftsman-style, traditional-style and woman-centric homes!

Benefits of Woman-Centric New Homes

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At DanRic Homes, Woman-Centric Matters and you can look forward to finding benefits that suit you in our homes in LaGrange, GA. Taking a woman-centric approach means designing everything from her perspective. According to extensive research by Design Basics there are four primary filters through which women evaluate designs: how the home entertains; how the home helps her de-stress; the flexibility of the home’s design; and the home’s ability to address her storage needs. Here are the benefits you will find in our woman-centric new homes:

  1. Entertaining: If you look at a floor plan and search for adequate areas to entertain guest and enjoy family time, you’ll appreciate our Woman-Centric home designs that offer informal, open living spaces and outdoor rooms. Kitchens in these homes offer space for guests to gather around a snack bar to chat or around the eating area to play board games or cards.
  2. De-Stressing: Finding a home that can help de-stress your life is possible with our woman-centric designs. These homes in LaGrange, GA offer areas for relaxation such as privately situated master suites, walk-in showers, quiet porches or personal getaways. They also have unique organization features like separate vanities and drop zones for your electronics and devices.
  3. Storage: You’ll find that woman-centric home designs feature storage options other homes may not such as generous pantries and linen closets, sizeable closets in each bedroom, extra storage space in the garage, laundry room or rear foyer, even unfinished space in the basement or upper level of the home.
  4. Flexible Living: We know when you decide on a new home you are not just thinking about today but tomorrow and how your needs and family may change over time. That’s why woman-centric homes in LaGrange, GA offer flexible living spaces that can adapt to your needs. Designs feature options like bonus rooms, media rooms and extra bedrooms that could also serve as homeschool rooms, music rooms, dens or home offices. Bedroom and bathroom arrangements can be worked to suit blended families or create in-law suites.

At DanRic Homes you will find homes designed with you in mind. Focusing on the four areas above, our designs create a home with livability for today and your future. It creates a home that can be your retreat and also your source for social gatherings. Visit DanRic Homes online and view our Woman-Centric homes, then contact us to schedule a showing for your own personal tour.

Creating Easy Centerpieces for Dinner Parties

Categories: Design Tips, Home Buying FAQ, Opelika AL, Open Houses, What to do this Weekend | Posted: August 17, 2011 | Comments Off on Creating Easy Centerpieces for Dinner Parties

As everyone knows, one of the best ways to show off your new homes in Opelika, AL is to, of course, host a dinner party for your closest friends and family. Here are some affordable and creative ways to aid the air of sophistication to your table:

For a fragrant and vibrant centerpiece, another trick includes taking a cubed vase an filling it with ¼ inch-thick lime slices so that they layer the outside of the vase. To keep the colorful insides of the lime visible, stand them up on top of each other and keep them pressed against the wall of the glass by fitting a slightly smaller vase in the middle. In the smaller vase, choose your favorite flowers, and enjoy the scents for the next two to three days.

Take a 1-2ft  narrow garden sconce or pedestal, and arrange some red, white, or pink flowers and some creeping Jenny in an urn for an elegant centerpiece. To really catch the eye of your dinner guests when they come to visit your new homes in Opelika, AL, use silver candlesticks to both sides of the arrangement, and pair with red and white flatware. Red is an imperial color, and will command the attention of your guests.

If au natural is more your style, grab two shorter and stouter vases, and one slightly larger and wider vase. In the middle, fill the largest vase with water  playful daises or whatever flowers you may have growing wild outside your new homes in Opelika, AL, and in the two smaller vases, fill them with water and fill with floating candles. You can use reindeer moss around the base of the center vase to create a playful and earthy theme for your tablescape.

For a simple, yet dramatic flair, take a hurricane vase and fill it with tall seasonal flowers, and arrange several spears of colorful stalks. Fill your vase with water and add a few small oranges to the vase to create vibrant contrast. A long and slender centerpiece can not only add the dramatic flair you’re looking for, but it also won’t obstruct the view of the other side of the table.

Why It’s Better to Buy Than Rent

Categories: Auburn AL, Financing, Home Buying FAQ, LaGrange GA, New Homes | Posted: August 8, 2011 | Comments Off on Why It’s Better to Buy Than Rent

It’s finally happened. The economy is on the mend. Dallas reported adding 83,100 jobs in the 12 months ending in April- reportedly the highest gain nationwide. With higher employment rates, many people will be moving to suburban and metropolitan areas to settle in to their new lives. We recommend you head them off and settle in now while the selection is still wide, and the prices are at record lows. If you’re looking for homes for sale in LaGrange, GA here’s some food for thought:

  • Homes are one of the sturdiest investments a person can make in their lifetime. Many studies show the sooner a person or couple purchases a homes for sale in LaGrange, GA, the richer they will be later in life.
  • Instead of paying  rent to a landlord, you could be paying your way towards better credit and equity you can use to help you later.
  • You can deduct your mortgage interest on your taxes- this is especially helpful to homeowners in higher tax brackets and it can help you and your household save thousands.
  • Buying a new home often guarantees the use of energy efficient materials and appliances that will keep your home from wasteful energy loss or the uncomfortable draftiness of older homes.
  • Banks are looking to tighten rules on down payments. Future homebuyers might have to put down more than the standard current rate of 3.5% if they hold off too long. Luckily, they don’t have to face the increases yet.
  • The Wallstreet Journal reports mortgage rates dropped 4.55% in June. According to Freddie Mac, mortgage rates are lower than they’ve been in 50 years. Economists estimate the housing market will slowly grow in favor to a seller’s market by 2013, so interested buyers of homes for sale in LaGrange, GA need to act quickly.

9 Tips to Make Your Next Move Hassle-Free

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That’s right. It’s that time again:  Moving day. Not to worry, though. Big change doesn’t have to be hard. Here are some essential tips to make your next move go as smoothly as possible:

1)       Friends can make the transition much easier. With the promise of beer and pizza, ask a few friends around your LaGrange, GA new homes if they’d be willing to help you. The more hands you have on board, the faster the move will go. Just be sure to give them ample notice!

2)       Make sure to shop out moving trucks and accommodations in advance. Not only can this help you save money, but reserving the truck in advance can keep you from getting stuck in a desperate situation the week you have to move out.

3)       Collect boxes and newspapers for packing purposes at least a month before your move. This way, you can begin to pack those items you don’t use regularly, like books, seasonal clothes, decorations, DVDs, CDs, and other non-essentials. The last thing you want to do is procrastinate and make yourself feel rushed!

4)       Spend your last month in your current house getting rid of things you may not need anymore. You should probably spend this time eating through food you already have in your pantry or donating non-perishables or old clothes to goodwill around your LaGrange, GA new homes. There’s no reason to move more than you have to.

5)       Make sure everything but your living essentials are packed for move-out day. Failing to pack before move-out day usually ends in tears. Not only does this mean you and your friends are now in a mad scramble to get everything stowed in boxes AND get the rental truck back in time, but it also means you’ll probably never find the things you haphazardly shoved in boxes when it comes time to unpack. Taking proactive steps beforehand makes everything easier.

6)       Do yourself a favor and invest in a sharpie. Very few things are quite as intimidating as a mountain full of mismatched boxes or furniture pieces looming in your foyer waiting for you to organize and unpack. When packing, be mindful of fragile items and label the boxes with the rooms they should go to. For instance, make sure boxes of pots and pans go straight to the kitchen, and clothes go up to your bedroom, so when you finally get around to unpacking, the legwork is already done.  Labeling your boxes also makes it much easier for your lovely volunteers to help you put things where you need them.

7)       Keep a tool box handy. Whether you need a measuring tape to see if your furniture can fit up your staircase, or you need a screwdriver to remove a door from its hinges to squeeze in that couch or piano, you want to be able to find your tools ASAP.

8)       Before you unpack and arrange your furniture, be sure to take care of chores like painting before anything gets put in place. The last thing you want is to finish unpacking, and then realize you need to move all of your furniture to the center of the room to prime and paint the walls.

When unpacking, prioritize what you need. Certainly, your LaGrange, GA new homes would look nicer with those pictures and sconces on the walls, but that certainly isn’t as important as having your bed set up

First-time Homebuyer Tips

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Dragging your feet before you invest in a new home? Worried you won’t know what to look for? Not to worry. We have some great tips that can make the process even easier. As it turns out, it couldn’t be a better time to buy a home.

  • Typically, in a seller’s market, homeowners can sell their homes for more than they purchased them.  Right now, the economy favors buyers, who can find all Montgomery, AL homes for sale on the market are priced lower than they have been valued in decades.
  • Homes are one of the sturdiest investments a person can make in their lifetime. Many studies show the sooner a person or couple purchases a home, the richer they will be later in life.
  • Talk to your local homebuilders and see which features would be cheaper to buy as part of the primary floor plan, or which can be renovated later. A home with luxury features may be valued more than the cost of the installation of an addition like a hot tub.
  • When you find the perfect home, don’t waste too much time looking at other homes. The buyer’s market is competitive, and someone else could be making an offer on your ideal home while you shop around
  • When you go to look at each of the Montgomery, AL homes for sale, take a digital camera with you and take inventory of each room, including features you may or may not enjoy. Begin each series of photos with a close-up of the house number to help organize your photos from start to finish. Take note of unique features, luxuries, color schemes, or whatever catches your eye. This will help you stay mindful and make a well-informed decision.
  • Take careful note of the location of each of the Montgomery, AL homes for sale; is it by a school or park?  This can greatly increase property value and make living in the area safer and more enjoyable.
  • After coming up with your top choices, view the home again to make sure you didn’t overlook anything the first time, and be sure to have your real estate agent check to make sure no one has made an offer on the house already. If everything checks out, be ready to make an offer!