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Extend your living space with an Outdoor Fireplace!

Categories: Design Tips, Design Trends, Landscaping Tips, Uncategorized | Posted: January 25, 2013 | Comments Off on Extend your living space with an Outdoor Fireplace!

Enjoy your outside living areas year round with a cozy and beautiful outdoor fireplace!  This fabulous trend can be found in some of our new floor plans, including the Daffodil and the Snapdragon, but can be added to many of our other plans. Give us a call at 706-882-7773 for more information.

Read more about this lovely outside addition on Houzz:

[houzz=http://www.houzz.com/ideabooks/5176892/list/Extend-Your-Living-Space-With-an-Outdoor-Fireplace w=480]

Fall Home Maintenance

Categories: DIY Tips & Tricks, Home Maintenance, Landscaping Tips | Posted: September 23, 2011 | Comments Off on Fall Home Maintenance

It’s that time again. The air is crisper, and so are the leaves. Autumn is here, complete with sweaters and cider. Make sure your home is ready for the change in season. Here are some excellent tips you can use to keep up maintenance on your homes for sale in Opelika, AL in time for the fall:

August and September are the two months with the most active hurricane activity. Change out those summer window screens for storm windows to keep your home safe from falling branches and debris.

Reroofing is also incredibly important- especially if you lost any shingles from summer storms or hurricanes. Water damage can eat at your ceilings and cause warping and dry rot, but ice and snow can make the problem much worse because they add a substantial amount of weight to your roof. New homes for sale in Opelika, AL are a lot less likely to suffer from wear and tear, but it’s important to thoroughly check your home for damage after a storm regardless of how new it is.

Gutter cleaning can be a real pain, but overflowing gutters can make leaving your home with the intention to stay dry nigh impossible. Grabbing a small shovel and a ladder, you can scoop out leaves and fallen debris from your gutters. Make sure someone is home to make sure you can get medical help in case of an emergency. If you really hate cleaning your gutters, you can get gutter gaurds, which greatly reduce the amount of debris that can collect in your gutters.

Before the harsh cold makes a comeback, make sure your home is properly insulated. Door seals can really help keep your home from losing a lot of heat. Most new homes for sale in Opelika, AL are built with double paned windows, which help keep heat from seeping out by quite a large margin.

Tips for Growing Gorgeous Roses for National Rose Month

Categories: Landscaping Tips | Posted: June 21, 2011 | Comments Off on Tips for Growing Gorgeous Roses for National Rose Month

When you garden around your homes for sale Opelika, AL this summer, be sure your yard is ready to be admired! June is National Rose month, and there’s not a better time to plant or prune your very own rose bushes!

Roses are a flower that do best in a lot of sunlight- make sure you choose a variety that will do best in your yard and climate, and be sure to plant your roses where they can get at least six hours of sunlight each day. It is also essential to plant your rose bush in an area with healthy soil that drains well so the roots aren’t flooded every time it rains. Be sure the area you choose for your rose plant isn’t competing with other plants and trees and the area isn’t overtaken with roots.

Once your rose bush has taken to its new home, pruning can help your rose bush stay beautiful and healthy longer. Pruning at the wrong time of year can mean you won’t see a bloom, so be sure to cut your roses at the right times. Hybrid Tea roses back in early spring and in the fall to prevent damage from storms. Climber rose varieties should be pruned every Fall and can be sculpted around your homes for sale Opelika, AL as you see fit simply by removing the new shoots and stems. Old growth roses should be pruned right after the blossoms fade or even after the hips have formed. Pruning at the right time will increase the health of your rose bush and will yield many more roses!