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Spring Landscaping Tips for New Homes in Auburn AL

Categories: DIY Tips & Tricks | Posted: March 16, 2011 | Comments Off on Spring Landscaping Tips for New Homes in Auburn AL

For a lush lawn this spring, reseeding can give you fast-acting results. Make sure you find seed that accommodates the sun coverage in your yard and spread it evenly across your lawn. Make sure you lay down extra seeds on bald spots and be sure to cover exposed seeds with hay to keep them in place. One of the major benefits of buying a new home in Auburn, AL is the landscaping that comes with the home. New homes generally have thick lawns, but basic lawn maintenance in the future helps your lawn come back lush and thick for years to come.

Spring showers bring April flowers- which is why it’s important for you to have a proper irrigation system set up in your garden. Make sure your flower beds, or even your lawn, aren’t going to get ruined by the plentiful rain this spring. Run off can drown plants and rip up parts of your yard. Raised flower beds built with lumber or rock frames can help keep soil and roots secure. Yards come in all shapes and sizes, so when you’re looking new homes in Auburn, AL, think about what you want in a home site. Do you spend a lot of time outdoors? Do you have pets that need room to roam? Or is your idea of outdoor living a screened in porch and a no maintenance home site? There are home sites and landscaping alternatives for every lifestyle.

With Spring almost here, it’s the perfect time to start a garden! If you find yourself cooking often, it might benefit you to pick out some of your favorite herbs and plant them. Rosemary bushes tend to take very well- once they reach maturity, make sure to manicure them, or they could take over the rest of your garden! Basil is another favorite herb. Once these plants begin to flower, it is essential to remove each individual flower. If the plants are pollinated and produce seed, the basil plant will stop growing and reallocate its energy to seeding. Heirloom tomatoes, like basil, tend to require a lot of direct sunlight. Make sure you set up supports around your tomato plant to make sure the plant stays healthy, even once the tomatoes start to get plump!

If you have areas of your yard prone to flooding, you can lay down rocks or plastic irrigation piping down to reduce the damage. New homes in Auburn, AL will have well-planned neighborhood drainage, but you can also run plastic piping from your home’s gutters to run alongside your flower beds to make sure they get enough water. Using a razor, carefully make 1” perforations in the pipes, allowing the pipes to still direct water to an appropriate drainage area while delivering moisture to the soil. These pipes can also be buried about 4” underground to maintain the look of your yard. Just make sure the pipes are ultimately installed at a declining angle and feed into a drainage area.

If you have questions about what kind of yard and landscaping might be right for your new home, call, click or come-by! We are here to answer your questions and build the perfect new home for your family!

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