Are you looking to buy a new home?

Good news - stepping across the threshold into your future home can be as early as today, for we have completed homes in most of our communities, ready for immediate occupancy! Or, perhaps, your future home is a dream waiting to come true! 

No matter which path you take towards homeownership, our goal is to offer you the steady attention of our professional staff in planning the purchase of your new home and the proper counseling to ensure that your financial concerns are few. Our knowledgeable and committed staff will work with you from the initial contact to the keys in hand, whether you choose one of our move-in-ready new homes or one of our custom-built homes.

Our Design Plans

We have plans that are detailed for your individual needs and comfort. Our professional Sales Coordinator and/or Licensed Agents will review with you our many home plan options and offer his/her expertise as you take the first step toward the threshold of your brand new home.

Your Financial Planning

As you work with your Sales Coordinator or Agent, he/she will discuss with you the financial options to make your dream home a reality. Once you select your financial plan you may begin planning and decorating…another step toward the threshold of your future brand new home!

Your Decorating Selections

Your Sales Coordinator or Agent will be eager to help you bring into focus your decorating ideas. We have an enormous range of lovely, cost-efficient options for your roof and siding, for your bath and kitchen fixtures, and for your cabinets and floors throughout. With armchair leisure, you tell your Decorative Specialist what is most pleasing to you. Good-bye to the hassle of visits to specialty appliance stores or lighting centers. We offer "one-stop shopping" in our showroom.

Production Standards

From the moment of your first step toward the threshold of your future brand new home, our Sales Coordinator or Agents and Construction Specialists will be on hand at every stage of the job. They will check and re-check. They will give immediate attention to particular concerns you may have as your future home takes form. Remember, we build for your future. We want to assure you that our standards are high, and the demands placed on our construction crew are rigid. A few weeks before you begin your future in your new home, we will conduct a New Home Orientation and look with you for minor problems and correct them before you move in.

Also remember, your new home will be enhanced by a 10-year limited structural warranty from 2-10 Warranty Corporation. With that assurance, you will know that your worries will be few!

So what are you waiting for? Let our "family" start building for your family today!