Here is what our Homeowners are saying!

"Everything was highly professional and I was pleased at the very first viewing. I was most satisfied with their pleasantry, professionalism and customer satisfaction. The bottom line is that in my book they are truly a 5-star company. I would recommend them to friends and family."
- Creekside homeowner

"My wife and I absolutely love the staff at DanRic. They are very friendly and know their stuff. They built our house on schedule and were extremely professional."
- Cameron Pointe homeowners

"I was most satisfied that they finished in a timely manner."
- Autumn Ridge homeowner

"My husband and I have bought and built several houses over our 27 years of marriage. We are not from Alabama, and we were very cautious about buying this home. DanRic was very honest and fair with us. So far they have stood behind everything they told us. They also did a very detailed walkthrough with us. They put all of our questions at ease, answered every call we made after the closing and made us feel comfortable. They even have a website for problems after the closing. They told us they want all of their customers to be happy because they always wanted their company to have a good reputation. It is rare to have such professionalism after the deal is closed."
- Alabama homeowner

"Even though I got a lot of negative feedback about home builders, I continued to have faith in DanRic Homes. Wow, did you people ever deliver on your promises! Even though I have some very minor issues, I can honestly say that the home building experience I received from DanRic was one of the greatest of my life (right up there with the birth of my children). You are a blessing for my family, and we really appreciate all the effort from everyone at DanRic from top to bottom. Again thank you from the bottom of our hearts."
- Webb's Way homeowner

"Every staff member was excellent - kind, knowledgeable, and willing to go above and beyond the necessary for me!"
- Troup County homeowner

"Thank you for agreeing to give us the three large boulders and placing them on our property. Phil was very cooperative in adding this extra task to his schedule at his construction site. He came back to make sure the boulders were stable and secure near our driveway. We have been very happy since moving into our home and pleased with the responsiveness of all of the people in your company."
- Cameron Pointe homeowner

"The lot is bigger than most neighborhoods offer. Love the fact that we have five bedrooms and three baths, but the cost of the house wasn't outrageously more. We enjoy the country setting the house is in and privacy between neighbor's houses."
- Webb's Way homeowner

"We love the house and couldn't be happier. We appreciate the help and kindness that was extended to us from your staff, to make us feel welcome in our new home. Thanks!"
- Lakemont homeowner

"We enjoyed the Meet & Greet fest very much and are happy to be a part of DanRic Homes. Also good to know so many nice and friendly neighbors live here."
- Creekside homeowner

"I would like to personally thank you, your wife, and all of the employees of DanRic Homes for the excellent service we received on our new home. Thank you for helping us plan, build, and move into our new home so quickly. We are very happy with our new home. We are very pleased with the work your company did on our home. Your contractor did a great job and we appreciate everything they did for us. Thanks for making our dream come true. Please drop by and see our finished home when you have time!"
- Troup County homeowner

"One year ago we moved into our new home. All of you have gone out of your way to give us kind and courteous service. Thanks!"
- Troup County homeowner

"Your entire staff has always been courteous and professional when dealing with us and they have our heartfelt thanks. We wish you and your business much success!" 
- Troup County homeowner


Here is what Agents are saying!

"Todd was amazing.  He not only explained the inter-workings of the house well to the client, but he did so with integrity,  in-depth knowledge, and good humor.  You should double his salary because of his terrific people skills! He skillfully covered not only your worksheet, but worked in the issues brought up by the outside inspector and addressed each one, and made these folks feel that they were buying not only a wonderful house, but a strong reliable company.  The perfect man for that job!!"
- Troup County Agent Cindy Fulks

"Thanks for working with me on the two homes I have sold for you. There are not many builders that make it as easy as you did for me on the Ogletree Village & the Willow Creek contracts. I look forward to selling many more DanRic homes!"
- Lee County Agent

"Thank you so much for the opportunity to work with you on the purchase of the home in Lakemont. It was a pleasure to work with you as we served this family. This transaction was smooth and I appreciate all that you did to make that happen. I look forward to partnering with you again soon."
- Troup County Agent