Warranty Request

DanRic Homes: (706) 882-7773
Warranty Department: (706) 298-0116
After Hours Emergency: (706) 523-1761

Warranty Guidelines

While we strive to build a defect-free home, we are realistic enough to know we may make mistakes, or something in the home may not perform as intended. When either occurs, we will make the necessary corrections. In support of this commitment, DanRic Homes provides you with a one-year workmanship warranty, a two year systems warranty, and a 10-year structural warranty administered by 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty Corporation.

Our criteria for qualifying warranty repairs are based on the guidelines and limitations found in the 2-10 Home Buyer Warranty Coverage Booklet and/or the publication, Residential Construction Performance Guidelines, Fourth Edition.  If neither of these documents provides a guideline for an issue presented, then locally accepted trade practices will be used for criteria.

Our warranty service system is designed to accept written reports of nonemergency items.  This provides you with maximum protection and allows us to operate efficiently, thereby providing faster service to all homeowners.  Emergency Reports are the only reports that will be accepted by phone.

Reporting Procedures

Emergency Service: 

Please contact us immediately at (706) 523-1761 for assistance with emergency service issues after business hours.  For emergency needs during business hours, call our office at (706) 882-7773.  Be sure to follow up your phone call with a request for service in writing.

We define household emergencies as problems that require immediate attention to protect you and your family from harm or to avoid damage to your personal property, home or lot. These problems include:

  • A total stoppage of the plumbing drain system. If your plumbing drain system ceases to work, none of your sinks, tubs or toilets will function properly. The stoppage of one toilet or drain when other bathrooms are functional is not an emergency.
  • Total loss of water.  (Check first with the water department to be sure that it is not a total outage in the area.)
  • A water leak which requires that the water supply to your home be shut off to avoid serious water damage. A leak that can be isolated by the shutoffs under a cabinet or plumbing fixture is not an emergency.
  • A total electrical failure. (Check with the utility company before reporting this to DanRic Homes or to an electrician.)
  • Total loss of heat when the outside temperature is below 40 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Total loss of air conditioning when the outside temperature is above 85 degrees F.
  • A situation that endangers the occupants of the home.

If you have an emergency issue, you must contact DanRic Homes immediately.  If you are unable to contact your builder for emergency service or authorization, 1) you must make minimal repairs until authorization for more extensive repairs has been approved by the builder, 2) you must take action in order that further damage can be mitigated, and 3) you must report the emergency to the builder, in writing, on the next business day. Any unauthorized repairs will not be reimbursed unless you have followed the above procedures.


Non-emergency Warranty Service Procedures:

Send a written request for service, either on our Service Request Form or by writing us a letter.  Written service request can be submitted by any of the following methods:

  • Fax to: (706) 845-8038, Attn:  Customer Service Coordinator
  • Mail to: DanRic Homes, 89 Durand Road, LaGrange, Georgia  30241-2586.
  • Email to:  cservice@danric.com
  • Be sure to include your name, address, phone numbers where you may be reached during business hours, and email address as well as a complete description of the problem.  Example: “guest bath – cold water line leaks under the sink” rather than simply reporting “plumbing problem.”

Upon receipt of your service request, the Customer Relations Coordinator will contact you within 48 hours to acknowledge receipt of the request and to notify you of the next step.  Generally reported items fall into one of the following categories:  Covered Item to be repaired by a Trade Contractor, Coverage is unclear / Field Review Required, or Homeowner Maintenance item.

If a trade contractor or in-house DanRic Homes employee is required to assess or complete repairs, we will issue a work order and contact you to schedule the work or review.  Service appointments are available Monday – Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

We intend to complete warranty work orders within 5 workdays unless you are unavailable for access.  If a back-ordered part or similar circumstance causes a delay, we will let you know.

If the item is a homeowner maintenance item, we will review the maintenance steps with you and offer whatever informational assistance we can.  DanRic Homes does not provide routine homeowner maintenance.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us at cservice@danric.com or (706) 882-7773.